Multi-point measure mode on large machines

November 18, 2014

At Enterprise Products an 8000 HP Siemens Electric Motor is short-coupled to an Ariel KBV six throw compressor. Unit was suffering from very large amounts of vibration causing excessive wear and tear on various components of the machine. This alignment is performed using the compact magnetic brackets attached to a huge Thomas shim disk-type coupling. […]

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Selecting the correct coupling type for the alignment in your laser system

November 4, 2014

When performing shaft alignment, the most important goal is to align the machine to within proper tolerances. One criterion that has an impact on the tolerances that should be used is identifying and selecting the correct coupling type. In the setup shown below in Figure 1, spacer coupling tolerances were being used. However, in order […]

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Proper motor shaft alignment increases the operating life span of rotating machinery

October 21, 2014

Happy to share two great articles by MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Magazine about The Importance of Shaft Alignment and Precision Shaft Alignment For Improved Uptime: The Importance of Motor Shaft Alignment Motor Shaft Alignment For Improved Uptime Download featured Why Alignment  

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Laser Alignment in Marine Applications – Keeping Your Machinery in Line to Maximize your Bottom Line

September 30, 2014

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2014 If you operate a vessel, its machinery, without a doubt, will require alignment many times during the course of its life. When misalignment is present components will be worn, efficiency will be lost, and, if left uncorrected, mechanical failures are imminent. This translates into a strain on […]

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Sleeve bearing clearance check with a laser

September 16, 2014

If non-repeatability is an issue and it is not due to setup of the laser or ambient vibration, then it may be of interest to check the bearing clearances. This can be accomplished very easily with a laser. A little bit of information is necessary to accomplish this. We will need the following: a) Acceptable […]

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When moving machines for alignment, always use jackscrews!

September 4, 2014

When moving machines for alignment, always use jackscrews. If you don’t have them, beating on the machine frame with a steel-face hammer is a lousy idea. First, you run the risk of damaging the bearings, seals and other delicate components in your machines. Secondly, you have little control over the magnitude of your moves. Thirdly, […]

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