Cincinnati MSD Laser Alignment Program Extends Asset Life Cycles with OPTALIGN SMART

June 5, 2014

Recently our customer, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD), shared with us their successful findings with OPTALIGN SMART. Their Maintenance Department utilizes a variety of predictive technologies and preventive strategies to support their mission of improving equipment reliability and reducing downtime. They are committed to extending the life cycles of their assets with their already […]

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Compressor Crosshead Guide Bore Alignment with CENTRALIGN ULTRA

May 29, 2014

The bore alignment of the crosshead guides in large compressor driven by a 4,000 HP engine was thought to be a problem after this compressor, which had run trouble-free for 30 years started having problems. Methods used before involved checking with a machinist’s level only. The crosshead guides have an approximate diameter of 20”. The […]

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Pre-Alignment Checks plus Essential Clean-up and Preparation Tasks

May 22, 2014

The customer needed to align a boiler feed pump to a fluid drive. Before doing so, we took care of the simple but often-ignored pre alignment checks, including a thorough cleaning up of the area around the machines. The area was a mess to start with, and cleaning up allowed us to check for soft […]

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Precision alignment with ROTALIGN ULTRA reduced ship engine vibration

May 8, 2014

When M/Y Mystique, a 50m yacht, had trouble with its bearings overheating, they called on our customer AME to investigate. After conducting a vibration analysis survey, misalignment was discovered along with aged mounts. Additionally, the Kamewa Jet Units were not functioning within recommended tolerances. In terms of alignment several steps were followed, the first intermediate […]

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Successful diesel engine alignment with ROTALIGN ULTRA

May 1, 2014

Recently, our customer AME was commissioned by Harry Pepper to perform laser alignment with the ROTALIGN ULTRA on 4 Caterpillar Diesel Engines to Philadelphia gear at their Merritt Pump Station in Naples, Florida. “We had AME laser align our engines because we’ve used them on previous projects with excellent results,” said D.W., Project Superintendent, Harry Pepper. […]

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Equipping a Field Service Team to Do Shaft Alignment: 15 Must Have Items

April 24, 2014

I am often asked, What tools and equipment does a millwright team need to do shaft alignment? Beyond the obvious safety equipment, such as hearing protection, steel-toe shoes, work gloves, hard hat, safety glasses and fire retardant clothing, some of the other essential equipment is not so obvious. So here’s a little list, with commentary, […]

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