Example of 9-12-3-Measure Mode

Measurement points are recorded at three fixed clock positions: 9, 12, and 3 o’clock. This is the classic three-point method which can be used in most cases. Below are some applications where this mode is preferred:

  • Vertically-oriented alignments:

    • When performing an alignment on a vertical machine the automatic inclinometer used to determine the shaft’s rotational angle no longer works, because it is gravity operated. Therefore, use the 9-12-3 method so that you can manually set the angles or in this case clock positions.
  • Horizontal machines which are installed at an angle due to specific industry or plant requirements. See examples below:

    • Where the machine are at an angle axially and the sensor can’t determine true zero position. See Figure 1 below:
9-12-3-Measure Mode Angle X
Figure 1
    • Where the machines are installed at a rotational angle and the sensor true zero position does not coincide with the actual zero position. See Figure 2 below:
9-12-3-Measure Mode Angle Y
Figure 2

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Shaft Alignment with 4 Different Measurement Methods

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by Carlos Bienes CRL