Shaft Alignment Training Simulators

The LT 300 is a rugged but lightweight shaft alignment training simulator. It is an excellent tool for teaching and practicing precision shaft alignment and soft foot correction. It is designed from the base up to meet the needs of industrial shaft alignment training departments. Its ample shaft-to-base clearance permits bracket setups for laser or dial indicator systems. The housing is made of high-strength aluminum to promote uniform deflection characteristics, with torsional soft foot characteristics that closely resemble NEMA frame motors. The base bolts and jackscrews are Grade 8 for long life and are specially designed for constant tightening and loosening. The jackscrews permit controlled horizontal moves. The shafts are connected by a flexible coupling that can be uncoupled and recoupled in seconds. It has a slight amount of backlash, which is desirable to study the effects of this condition on alignment readings in some systems. The independent drag brakes in each shaft permit complete friction adjustment from loose to locked shafts. The knurled hand wheel and precision bearings assure controllable rotation of the shafts for good repeatability.

Optional accessories are available to easily convert the LT 300 shaft alignment simulator into a jackshaft alignment simulator or 3 and 4-machine train alignment simulator.

  • Order No. LT 300 Shaft Alignment Simulator
  • Order No. LT 301 Shaft Alignment and Jackshaft Simulator
LT300 Shaft Alignment training simulator
Shaft Alignment Simulator
LT301 Spacer Shaft Alignment training simulator
Shaft Alignment and Jackshaft Simulator
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