Visiting more than 150 industrial sites has helped me realize that precision laser alignment tools have become a focal point in most companies’ maintenance strategies. One significant advantage of employing laser alignment tools is the unparalleled accuracy they offer in aligning rotating machinery. The precision achieved with these tools ensures that critical elements such as shafts and bearings are excellently aligned, reducing wear and tear. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of rotating assets, minimizing the frequency of breakdowns and subsequent downtime. The efficiency gained from precision laser alignment directly contributes to increased reliability and operational continuity, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to optimizing asset performance.

Boiler Feed Pump Precision Alignment
Easy-Laser XT770 Shaft Alignment Tool: Photo courtesy of JetTech Mechanical LLC

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the investment and training required for implementing laser alignment tools. The initial cost of acquiring these advanced maintenance tools can be a deterrent for some industrial facilities. Moreover, ensuring that maintenance personnel are adequately trained to operate the laser alignment tool effectively is essential. This training incurs additional costs and may pose a challenge in terms of time and resources. Additionally, as with any technology, there is a learning curve associated with the adoption of laser alignment tools. It may take some time for the maintenance team to become fully proficient, potentially leading to a temporary decrease in efficiency during the initial stages of implementation. Choosing a company like LUDECA that provides resources such as the 5-Step Shaft Alignment Procedure below and providing short and long courses discussing alignment fundamentals, can help expedite that learning curve.


Despite the challenges, the long-term benefits of precision laser alignment tools outweigh the drawbacks. The increased accuracy and efficiency over older methods, reduced maintenance costs, and extended lifespan of rotating assets make the investment worthwhile. As we, in the industry, continue to prioritize the optimization of our processes, the adoption of laser alignment tools remains a strategic move towards achieving operational excellence and ensuring the sustained performance of our rotating machinery.

3 Benefits of Precision Shaft Alignment

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by Adam Stredel CRL