In our previous blog, we discussed the: Shaft Alignment Measurement Mode: Multi-Point Method. In this blog, we continue with the next method: Uncoupled Sweep. 

Uncoupled Sweep Measure Mode

The Uncoupled Sweep Measurement mode allows you to measure uncoupled machines with ease. Start from any rotational position and take measurements by rotating the shaft with the S-laser in front of the shaft with the M-laser and vice versa, essentially passing one laser in front of the other, alternating. Uncoupled sweep is ideal for machines that are difficult to rotate or machines that cannot be rotated at all (in which case you slide the laser brackets around).*

Below are some examples of machines that are difficult or not possible to rotate:

  • Gas turbines.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Gear boxes.
  • Mine rock crushers.
  • Ball mills.

This measure mode is available on the Easy-Laser XT770, XT660, and XT550 laser shaft alignment systems.

*Note that in these cases you will not actually be measuring centerlines of rotation, and the accuracy of your results will depend on shaft or hub, out of roundness and the care with which you reposition the measurement components each time.

Watch our Shaft Alignment Know-How: Repeatability to learn the importance of achieving repeatability of measurements before making alignment corrections.

Make Uncoupled Laser Shaft Alignment Easy with These Two Tools!

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by Carlos Bienes CRL