Machinery Alignment Services


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LUDECA, INC. is pleased to offer a variety of specialized maintenance and production services, including, among others, the following:

  • Laser shaft alignment and foundation measurement of rotating machinery.
  • Monitoring of positional changes (thermal growth) in rotating machinery or structures.
  • Steam path, bearing bore, and diaphragm alignment of large steam turbines as well as bore alignment of diesel engines and gas turbines.
  • Compressor alignment including crosshead guides, Ariel ER-82 frame flatness, crankshaft bores, and  foundation measurements
  • Laser flatness and straightness measurement with 3D color reports.
  • Vertical hydroelectric turbine plumbness alignment.
  • Single-bearing and single-pedestal-bearing generator laser alignment.
  • Laser alignment of vertical flange-mounted pumps and Motors.
  • Laser alignment of long jackshafts, spool pieces, and cardan-shaft drives.
  • Measurement and alignment of sawmill machinery
  • Extruder alignment
  • Parallelism measurement
  • Roll alignment

All jobs include a customized report of all services performed.

Contact us with your measurement application!

Flatness and Bore Alignment Services with Easy-Laser