You’ve just completed your horizontal live move and you’ve re-measured to double-check your results. Now, it seems your coupling results are not at all what you were expecting. Does this sound familiar?

All too often when this occurs, the reasons are quite simple, such as some residual soft foot, or coupling strain that affected the accuracy of your initial readings. But if you’ve already eliminated these causes, perhaps the cause is more basic.

Double-check your dimensions screen again. It’s not that uncommon to “fat-finger” the values. Perhaps, intending to enter 2.5 inches you accidentally entered 25 inches instead! Also, make sure the units (mm or inches) are correct while you’re there.

Another often overlooked detail is the process of moving itself. Care must be taken when performing any move to prevent the laser systems heads from being bumped or jarred. Laser alignment is a very precise business and the detectors can “see” very fine movement. Unintentional movement of the laser/detector from hammer blows to the machine can cause a false reading to occur giving you an inaccurate representation of the final move result.

Always use jackscrews whenever possible!

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by Oliver Gibbs CRL