1. Reduced Energy Consumption
Significant power savings can be made through accurate alignment. Precise alignment eliminates reaction forces and reduces energy consumption by up to 10%.

Reduced Energy Consumption
Courtesy of ©ICI PLC

2. Reduced Incidence of Repairs
Mechanical seal repairs decline by up to 65% when precision alignment is carried out on a regular basis.
The rate of repairs declines by up to 30% when precision laser alignment becomes an integral part of the pump repair schedule. Maintenance costs are also reduced through lower parts expenses and inventory levels.

Reduced Repairs
Courtesy of ©HOECHST AG Gendorf/Germany

3. Longer Machine Life
Relation between offset and bearing life cycle: The smaller the offset misalignment,  the greater the expected bearing life cycle.

Longer Machine Life
Courtesy of ©The University of Tennessee

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL