XT190 Laser Belt Pulley Alignment Tool
Easy-Laser XT190 Belt Alignment Tool. Photo courtesy of JetTech Mechanical LLC.

Ensuring proper sheave alignment on multi-belt drives involves several good practices. When dealing with multiple belts and sheaves, a thorough inspection of each belt and its grooves for wear is crucial. In cases where any belts are slipping, it becomes imperative to replace all belts together.

Achieving precise alignment between pulleys can be accomplished through various methods. One approach involves using a machinist’s straightedge, while another entails placing a tightly drawn piece of string across the faces of the sheaves to verify if all four points of contact are made. Alternatively, employing a laser pulley alignment tool such as the Easy-Laser XT190 provides a more advanced and accurate alignment solution including the ability to generate an alignment report.

Regardless of the chosen alignment method, it is advisable to monitor changes in angularity and offset of the sheaves during the belt tensioning procedure. This monitoring should coincide with the tightening of hold-down bolts on the machine being adjusted, to ensure no unwanted or unexpected movement occurs during the tightening procedure. By doing so, the alignment can be maintained accurately, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the multi-belt drive system.

Download our 5-Step Sheave Pulley Alignment Procedure for a simple and effective procedure for sheave pulley alignment of belt-driven equipment.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL