In our previous blog, we discussed the: Shaft Alignment Measurement Mode: EasyTurn™ Method. In this blog, we continue with the next method: Continuous Sweep. 

Continuous Sweep shaft alignment measurement mode

The Continuous Sweep Measurement mode allows you to begin an alignment measurement from any rotational position. Simply rotate the shaft and let the tool record the points as you go around. With the ease of use, the capability to take hundreds of points, and a minimum requirement of only 40° of rotation, this measurement mode is the fastest and most straightforward way to measure misalignment. Sweep comes standard on the Easy-Laser XT660 and Easy-Laser XT770 laser alignment systems and can be used to tackle almost any alignment you encounter.

When to use the Continuous Sweep measurement mode:

  • When the shafts are coupled together.
  • When the difficulty in rotating shafts is easy to medium.
  • When it is difficult to stop rotation once initiated.
  • When only a small arc can be measured.
    • Rotate slowly and collect as many points as possible.

Below are some tips on how to take excellent readings while using the Continuous Sweep measurement mode:

  • Rotate the shafts smoothly.
  • Always rotate in the same direction, preferably in the direction of rotation of operation.
  • Try to make one continuous rotation.
  • Slower rotation equals more points, and more points equals better results.
  • Try to do a full revolution or 360 degrees of rotation if possible.
  • Never take readings by rotating the shafts in different directions.

Watch our Shaft Alignment Know-How: Repeatability to learn the importance of achieving repeatability of measurements before making alignment corrections.

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by Carlos Bienes CRL