We are thrilled to announce LUDECA and Sensoteq join forces in the US and Caribbean! Sensoteq is a market leader in industrial wireless sensor technology for Condition Monitoring. Together, LUDECA and Sensoteq bring the new, industry-leading Kappa X wireless sensor to the condition monitoring market, together with its cloud-based Analytix software, giving you instant condition monitoring security, all supported by our network of Solutions Providers and technical staff.

Wireless Sensors mounted on machine

We are delighted to launch our latest product, Kappa X, together with LUDECA in the US and Caribbean. With over 40 years of expertise in the provision of reliability services, LUDECA boasts an invaluable customer service network which teams perfectly with our reliability technology.” —Idir Boudaoud, Sensoteq CEO

At LUDECA, we are always looking for ways to serve our customers better. With the addition of Sensoteq, we bring the world’s finest wireless sensor technology to our customers. Our sales partners and dedicated support team are ready to help you implement this innovative technology.” —Alex Nino, LUDECA Product Manager 

Kappa X features all the benefits reliability experts expect from a smart sensor, combining unrivalled wireless technology, a replaceable battery design, and a 10kHz FMax market-leading fault detection capability within a compact 1-inch footprint. It’s quick and easy to install, affordable, and user-configurable so you can mount it on virtually any piece of rotating equipment in any industry.

Analytix Condition Monitoring Software


LUDECA is a leading provider of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Solutions including laser alignment, ultrasound testing, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment as well as related software, rentals, services, and training. For more information, visit

by Diana Pereda

LUDECA Top 10 Blogs 2019

Happy New Year!

As we look back at 2019, we’re excited to share our Top 10 Blogs with you. Our blogs represent a significant collection of topics and content, all of which we hope you’ll find interesting and constructive. They each provide educational information focused on content that is compelling and answers both easy questions and in-depth ones.

And the top blogs of 2019 are…

We encourage you to visit our blog section to keep up with the latest posts and topics. With every blog we post, we improve and add more insightful elements to provide our customers with the latest in our alignment, condition monitoring, induction heating, and ultrasound technology.

Stay tuned for thought-provoking material worth discussing to expand your knowledge! We look forward to bringing you more compelling and informative content in 2020.


The LUDECA Blog Team

by Diana Pereda

Plant Engineering, celebrating its 30th anniversary of the Product of the Year award program, announced the results for the 2017 entrants. SDT’s innovative LUBExpert, an ultrasound solution designed to help grease bearings right, was awarded the GOLD medal! The award is remarkable considering the excellent company of peers in the running for Silver and Bronze.

Alex Nino of LUDECA, was on hand at the award ceremony, and looked marvelous! LUDECA is the exclusive distribution partner for SDT Ultrasound Solutions in the USA and was instrumental in architecting this recognition. Chosen from numerous submissions from around the world, Plant Engineering subscribers reviewed and voted on the finalists. LUBExpert received the most votes for this 30th anniversary Grand Award. Congratulations to LUDECA, SDT, and LUBExpert for the GOLD.

Poor greasing practices are a leading cause of bearing failure. LUBExpert is an ultrasound solution designed to precisely guide lube-techs during the lubrication replenishment process. It helps avoid over and under lubrication while instructing the technician on which grease types, grease guns, grease quantities, and replenishment intervals to use. LUBExpert’s intelligence lends confidence to the task of grease replenishment and is a true innovation for ultrasound technology.

Winning GOLD validates our decision to work with industry leaders such as SDT,” states Ana Maria Delgado, Marketing Manager at LUDECA. “The LUBExpert compliments our full line of predictive and proactive solutions. Its clever innovation supports the leadership position of all our solutions.”

LUDECA is the premier provider of reliability solutions to the USA industry. Their years of experience and wealth of knowledge make it possible to offer the very best service and support to their customers. Their commitment here strengthens their reputation as the very best in our fields. SDT is delighted to be aligned with LUDECA. Our companies share the same principles, philosophies, and values.

About SDT
SDT provides ultrasound solutions that help our customers gain a better understanding about the health of their factory. We help them anticipate failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall reliability of their assets.

by Allan Rienstra - SDT Ultrasound Solutions

We at LUDECA proudly share the excitement with our partners at Easy-Laser® for winning the Red Dot Design Award 2018 with their XT11 display unit.

The distinctive Red Dot is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design. Here are some of the things they considered in their evaluation:
• Degree of innovation
• Functionality
• Formal quality
• Ergonomics
• Durability

And yes, this is their second design award with the excellent development and capabilities of the XT11 display unit. They won the iF Design Award in 2017. XT11 has some smart functions, like the screen-lock button which prevents unintentional clicks on the touch screen when you move around the machine you measure. As an option, you can fit your XT11 with a thermal imaging camera, opening up even more possibilities to optimize your machinery for smooth operation.

Easy-Laser XT11 runs the XT Alignment app, which can also be run on iOS and Android phones and tablets. This is a unique feature in the alignment industry – the user can combine display units and different types of measuring units to suit their needs and budget – but will only have to learn one alignment program!

Congratulations to our partners at Easy-Laser for winning this great award for this excellent product!

Contact us if you would like to see the Easy-Laser XT11 display unit in action or watch the XT11 video.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

LUDECA is proud to announce the formal accreditation of its calibration laboratory in Doral, FL to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard (LUDECA Accreditation No. 92835. Certificate No. L21-228.) This means that you, our customers, can rest easy in the full confidence that your valuable EASY-LASER and PRUFTECHNIK laser alignment and condition monitoring systems are being calibrated to the highest international standards, traceable to NIST standards, and certified by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

Our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation provides formal recognition of competence, procedures, documentation, and supervision, thereby providing you the peace of mind of having selected reliable testing, measurement, and calibration service, subject to the most stringent quality control processes. This allows you to go forth with full confidence knowing that your equipment has been reliably tested and calibrated and is fit for service on your most critical assets.

“The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation of our calibration lab is part of our commitment to quality, innovation and continuous improvement so we can always serve our customers with excellence. Keep it running.” —Frank Seidenthal, President of LUDECA.

For more information about our calibration services, visit our website.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

LUDECA is proud to announce that effective October 20,  2017, LUDECA is certified as an authorized TM Induction Heating Service and Repair Center for the United States.

Our factory-trained technicians are highly experienced and committed to providing our customers with excellent service.

We look forward to servicing your TM Induction Heating products at our Doral, Florida location.

For more information, visit our website.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

LUDECA is proud to announce the new Easy-Laser® XT660 laser shaft alignment system for the United States market. The XT660 is the next evolution in the award-winning Generation XT platform. It builds on the ground-breaking cross-platform technology that was launched last year with the XT440 SHAFT system. You can use your own iOS/Android phone or tablet as a display unit, or purchase the watertight, shockproof rugged XT11 display unit. Or why not do both? The choice is yours! The Easy-Laser® XT Alignment App is free to download, both now and in the future, making it easy to update your tool to the latest features at any time.

The XT660 now offers dot laser measurement technology. You can perform measurements on larger machines and over longer distances. Advanced measurement capabilities, such as continuous sweep and multi-point are now available. The rugged measuring units with integrated Bluetooth® wireless have very long operating times; up to 24 hours!

Easy-Laser® XT660 paves the way for new features with the Generation XT platform. You can export custom PDF alignment reports to a USB flash drive or via Wi-Fi directly to email for documentation of the alignment work. These new features also apply to the XT440 SHAFT alignment system.

LUDECA is also proud to announce the new Easy-Laser® XT190 BTA digital laser tool for belt drive alignment. It can be used “stand-alone” with its built-in display, as an add-on to the XT660 SHAFT system or you can download the free Easy-Laser® XT Alignment App for your phone or tablet. Digital readings allow greater precision and make it easier to meet the alignment tolerances. You can follow the adjustment of the machine in real-time with an interactive 3D view displayed in the App, making it easy to track live horizontal and vertical positional adjustments on the machine.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with TM Induction Heating in the Netherlands to bring to the US market the SURETHERM line of induction heaters —a new generation of low frequency and highly efficient induction heaters for a wide range of applications. With 25 years of experience, TM Induction Heating is the industry leader in safe heating processes offering standard as well as custom solutions with  both bench top and floor stand models. Heat work pieces safely and efficiently with precise temperature control and automatic demagnetizing with real-time feedback and heating cycle graphs.

We are excited by the opportunity to partner with TM Induction Heating. Their induction heaters are the perfect complement to our alignment, ultrasound and vibration tools as they support your quest for reliability in preventing premature bearing failures from improper installation —Ana Maria Delgado, Marketing Manager of LUDECA.

Bernd Seidenthal, Assistant Vice President LUDECA and Tim Loedeman, CEO TM Induction Heating

TM’s SURETHERM heaters can help eliminate induced bearing defects from poor fitting and improper mounting techniques. TM’s innovative dual sensor temperature mode allows for 100% tension free heating of the workpiece independent of size or diameter. In addition to bearings, SURETHERM heaters can be used to precisely heat and shrink fit couplings, rings, sprockets and pulleys without inducing uneven loading or stress.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Reposted from EASY-LASER® blog
Easy-Laser® has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 for its design of a display unit for laser-based measurement equipment.

The display unit, XT11, won the Industry/Skilled Trades category and is part of a completely new concept within laser alignment, which was launched last year.

Rustan Karlsson, Head of Marketing at Easy-Laser®, states: “The award is an acknowledgment of the hard work that we have put into our next generation of products to make them even more user-friendly and attractive, in a way that is right for our users and our brand. Within our industry, it is like winning an Oscar!”
He continues: “The work really started three years ago, when our design office, Shift Design & Strategy, identified what Easy-Laser® stands for and developed a design guide. Together with our own engineers, they defined what has now been acknowledged by the iF DESIGN AWARD. It feels great to have won it, especially with the product launches ahead of us.”

The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the world’s most prestigious competitions. The entries are assessed by a jury of 58 professional designers from around the world. This year’s competition was tough, with over 5500 entries from 59 countries.

Learn more and download the brochure of the award-winning Easy-Laser® XT11 display unit featured in the XT440 shaft alignment system.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Last week, Pedro Casanova, our Alignment Division Manager, was the recipient of the ESGR’s Patriot Award. He was ceremoniously presented the award by Mr. Tom Green, Vice-Chairman from the Miami-Dade Florida Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).
The Patriot Award is given to exceptional supervisors of US Guard and Reserve members. These supervisors have demonstrated their support of the member’s military obligations.

Pedro has demonstrated flexibility and support for us on numerous occasions without question. Nominating him for this award was a way of showing my appreciation for his acceptance and understanding of my Air Force commitments.” —Oliver Gibbs, US Air Force Technical Sergeant

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

LUDECA is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to our Laser Alignment Division, Christopher Greene. Chris grew up in Austin, Texas, and now resides in Fort Worth.

Chris has extensive mechanical field experience with the installation and maintenance of Ariel, Caterpillar, and Waukesha equipment.

In the last five years, he has been engaged as a technical trainer preparing and teaching classes on Precision Alignment, Compression Reliability, Skid Electronics as well as Engine and Emissions protocols.

In addition to engine and compressor work, Chris has worked as a lead mechanic in various professional race series and enjoys maintaining race cars, where he applies his precision measurement knowledge to reliability and to winning at the tracks!

I am very happy that Chris has joined our organization.  This is all part of our strategic plan to provide our customers with unsurpassed local support.  We have carefully selected knowledgeable Solutions Providers throughout the country that allow us to quickly provide our customers with local support.  In addition to the strength of our Solutions Provider network we have also created a network of local LUDECA technical staff that further strengthens our commitment to provide best-in-class support. Chris comes to us with a strong technical and mechanical background, ready and available to provide users with a great experience.” —Frank Seidenthal, president of LUDECA.

In his new role, Chris will support our customers and solutions providers with applications and training related to machinery alignment and other industrial measurement tasks.

by Yolanda Lopez

LUDECA SDT Service Center
LUDECA is proud to announce that effective October 14,  2016, LUDECA is certified as an authorized SDT Service and Repair Center for the United States.

Our factory-trained technicians are highly experienced and committed to providing our customers with excellent service.

We look forward to servicing your SDT ultrasound products at our Doral, Florida location.

For more information, visit our website.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

To further enhance our Repair Center capabilities, we have made significant investments in installing new ESD flooring and ceilings on the first and second floors of the facility. In addition, new calibration and repair systems have been added and all of our expert technicians have undergone further intensive training and are now outfitted with new ESD protective gear.

LUDECA is a factory-certified authorized Easy-Laser Repair Center ready to calibrate and repair all Easy-Laser systems and components, for fast turn-around of Easy-Laser products nationwide. We also repair and calibrate SDT ultrasound and Pruftechnik alignment and vibration systems in our state-of-the-art Repair Center located in Doral, Florida. More information…
Ludeca Repair and Calibration
We look forward to serving your maintenance and reliability needs. Keep it running.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Ludeca Easy-Laser Service Center
LUDECA is proud to announce that effective June 1st, 2016, LUDECA is certified as an authorized EASY-LASER Service and Repair Center for North America.

Our factory-trained technicians are highly experienced and committed to providing our customers with excellent service.

We look forward to servicing your EASY-LASER products at our Doral, Florida location.

For more information, visit our website.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

LUDECA is excited to announce two new partnerships: In order to improve and diversify our product offerings, we developed an exclusive partnership with the prestigious Swedish manufacturer, EASY-LASER, to promote and sell the next generation of precise, easy-to-use laser systems for solutions that evolve with our industry. Secondly, we have partnered with the global ultrasound technology leader, SDT Ultrasound Solutions, to bring our customers yet another best-in-class product line for leak and fault detection, and optimized bearing lubrication.

These partnerships will equip the most forward-thinking Solutions Provider with the most forward-thinking products available. For our customers, this means that they can rely on a best-in-class approach to alignment, vibration, ultrasound, and condition monitoring systems built upon decades of industry-leading knowledge, experience, and technology.

As our company evolves, so will our Service Center. Located in Doral, Florida, we now calibrate and service EASY-LASER and SDT Products and continue to perform NIST traceable calibrations and service for Pruftechnik alignment and vibration products. Our principal goal is to support you, our customer.

In addition to our new EASY-LASER and SDT products, we still sell alignment and condition monitoring systems by Pruftechnik. We also provide technical support and training for any system which you purchase from us as well as loaners, equipment rentals, and field services. As an SMRP and MSAT-approved provider, all of our 3- and 4-day training courses are mapped to the SMRP’s Equipment Reliability Body of Knowledge and UPTIME® ELEMENTS™ for continuing education credits.
LUDECA Who We Are video
We look forward to serving your maintenance and reliability needs. Keep it running.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Since 1981 the name LUDECA has been synonymous with SHAFT ALIGNMENT. We introduced to the U.S. market the first pre-programmed dial indicator alignment tool, the Machinery Alignment Computer (“M.A.C.”), followed by the ALI 2000 in 1983.

We then pioneered laser alignment in the United States with the OPTALIGN®. This success was followed in the years thereafter by such recognized brand names as ROTALIGN®, SHAFTALIGN®, and ALIGNEO®.
As of April 1st, 2016 a new chapter will begin in the evolution of Laser Shaft Alignment and Geometric Alignment Systems in the U.S. market, as LUDECA, INC. joins forces with the prestigious Swedish manufacturer EASY-LASER® for the sale and service of their highly accurate, logical, intuitive and easy-to-use laser alignment systems that expand your measurement capabilities with solutions that evolve with the industry. The name behind the product says it all: EASY-LASER. Built for today with a vision for tomorrow.

LUDECA’s well-known and unparalleled technical and service support will continue to back up every system we deliver to our valued customers, both old and new. Calibration and repairs will continue to be done at our Doral, Florida facility. On-site training by factory-trained alignment specialists will be offered, as well as in-depth product training at our state-of-the-art training center in Doral.

LUDECA and EASY-LASER are excited about our new opportunity to serve existing and future customers with the best products for their maintenance and reliability needs.
LUDECA is a leading provider of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance Solutions including laser alignment, ultrasound testing, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment as well as related software, rentals, services, and training. For more information, visit


by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

In today’s world,  video platform is the way to accomplish effective visual knowledge and a learning mechanism in many organizations. With the use of video, one not only is able to promote products and services but one can also strengthen a culture and demonstrate how-to scenarios easily and quickly.

Video Library
Video Library

LUDECA believes in communicating visually to help customers educate and train their personnel on precision skills. For this reason, we are pleased to announce the release of our new microsite, which features a Shaft Alignment Know-How series plus a Know-How series for Vibration Analysis and Balancing. The video site features basic terminology, fundamental concepts, advanced measurements as well as product demonstrations. The videos are indexed by category but also searchable by keyword.

We felt there was a need to go back to basics and help educate on precision skills and related technology to improve asset reliability. Following the Uptime Elements™ holistic approach to reliability, alignment and balancing are key components of your asset condition management (ACM) program. We are happy to offer these videos to our customers for their personnel to access and for use in their training programs. We hope this content assists them and others in either improving their reliability program or in getting one started and leads to world-class reliability programs,” —Frank Seidenthal, president of LUDECA.

We encourage you to visit and see for yourself the value behind each video.

by Yolanda Lopez

Asset Condition ManagementTwo industry leaders of Asset Condition Management technologies for Reliability are joining forces. SDT is thrilled to announce the appointment of LUDECA as the exclusive distributor for their portable and online ultrasound condition monitoring technologies in the United States.

SDT’s Director of Business Development Allan Rienstra said, “This strategic partnership is a logical step for two companies whose philosophies are already so closely aligned. Both SDT and LUDECA are approved by Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) Providers. This partnership will deliver significant value to customers through the leveraging of LUDECA’s knowledge and experience.”
Frank Seidenthal, President of LUDECA said, “We are excited by the opportunity to affiliate ourselves with a global ultrasound technology leader such as SDT. SDT’s reputation for producing quality, dependable ultrasound solutions marries well with our vision to enhance our Asset Condition Management product palette.”

SDT develops ultrasound technology that provides the industry with a greater understanding of the health of their factory. Their ultrasound condition monitoring solutions help predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality. LUDECA is a premier provider of reliability solutions and technologies.
Their years of experience and wealth of knowledge make it possible to offer their customers the very best service and support. They remain the leading supplier of alignment, vibration, and condition monitoring systems to the industry.

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Veterans_LudecaLUDECA, a leading provider of Maintenance and Reliability Solutions, recognizes the sacrifices and selfless service made by all the men and women who have fought for our nation and freedom.

We currently employ very proudly three members of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force Reserve:
Damien Hamm has been part of our Service Department for 3 and a half years now. During his nine years in the U.S. Army as an automated logistical specialist/infantryman, Hamm served on three combat tours to Iraq.
Oliver R. Gibbs is a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve and has been operating as a Fuels Controller in the Technical Sergeant Rank for approximately 7 years. He joined our engineering team a year and a half ago where he continues to exemplify the core values of the U.S. Air Force: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all that’s done. He describes his time in the U.S. Air Force as an adventure that challenges and continues to offer him more ways to improve himself. He brings his experience to the table in today’s workplace environment where discipline and character play a strong role.

Another valuable member of our condition monitoring team is Dave Leach, who was active in the U.S. Navy for 10 years serving as a Machinist Mate. There he received a lot of training in the operation and technical maintenance of marine propulsion systems. Part of his duties were to work on, operate and repair rotating equipment, which gave him a clear understanding of how the equipment is built and how it is supposed to be operated and maintained. This is exactly why he is a true asset to LUDECA today.

Hiring veterans is a win-win situation, a way to say thank you and give a hand to someone who has sacrificed for our safety while gaining a team member with the skills, discipline, training and character necessary for today’s workplace. —Ana Maria Delgado, CRL, Marketing Manager

Thank you Damien, Oliver, Dave, and all the men and women of the United States of America who have served for your bravery, hard work, and dedication to our country.

by Yolanda Lopez

LUDECA Inc. has been recognized by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) as an approved provider of continuing education and training aligned with key subject areas related to reliability and physical asset management.” said Ron Leonard, SMRP CMRP Chair of APEP Committee

SMRP-Approved-Provider-LogoAs an SMRP Approved Provider, LUDECA is recognized for its best-in-class continuing education training programs for precision shaft alignment of rotating equipment and precision balancing as part of reliability and physical asset management. LUDECA is a Tier 2 Approved Provider with courses that are taught on-site, regionally, or at their own state-of-the-art training center in Doral, FL.
The following are currently approved courses that map to SMRP’s Body of Knowledge Pillar #3 – Equipment Reliability:

We are thrilled to be part of this select group of training companies.” says Ana Maria Delgado, CRL, Marketing Manager for LUDECA. “Our company has always made it a priority to deliver quality hands-on training with alignment and balancing best practices to improve asset reliability. Our new SMRP Approved Provider status provides us with the opportunity to enhance our commitment to our customers and to the success of their reliability programs.”

LUDECA is a leading provider of Preventive, Predictive, and Corrective Maintenance Solutions, including machinery laser alignment, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment as well as software, rentals, services, and training. For more details, visit

About SMRP
The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is an international, nonprofit society dedicated to promoting excellence in maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management. Its 4,000 members specialize in achieving improved efficiency and profitability across many industries by applying best practices and proactively managing operations, equipment, and people. SMRP provides ANSI-accredited professional certification to validate the critical knowledge and skills of the top practitioners in the profession. For more information, visit

by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL