Rush Repair and Calibration


A $500 Rush Repair Fee entitles you to a “fast pass” that will move your unit to the front of the queue to be completed with a guaranteed 5-day turnaround (working days). The 5-day turnaround guarantee applies only to routine repairs and calibration. More extensive repairs may be subject to longer turnaround times but will be taken care of with the highest priority.

The following requirements must be met in order for your repair to be classified as a “Rush Repair”:

  1. A “Rush Repair” fee of US$500 will be added to the repair price of the item(s) for the Rush Repair.
  2. Your unit(s) need to be sent in for repair via a Priority Overnight service. Your unit needs to arrive at our repair center before 10 AM Eastern Time. If received after 10 AM, the following day will count as the first day of the promised 5-day turnaround.
  3. After our inspection of the received unit, you must supply a Purchase Order or a credit card for the entire quoted repair service together with the Rush Repair order. This can be discussed with Ludeca’s Repair Department in advance, if needed.


A. If placed before 10 AM Eastern Time, it will count as the first of the guaranteed 5-day turnaround.
B. The $500 Rush Repair fee will be added to any existing repair fees. Once completed, the unit will be returned via UPS Red or FedEx Next Day Air shipment.


Request a Rush Repair