Measurement Mode: 9-12-3 The Classic Three-Point Method

December 5, 2023

Measurement points are recorded at three fixed clock positions: 9, 12, and 3 o’clock. This is the classic three-point method which can be used in most cases. Below are some applications where this mode is preferred: Vertically-oriented alignments: When performing an alignment on a vertical machine the automatic inclinometer used to determine the shaft’s rotational […]

Types of Balancing Machines: Soft Bearing vs. Hard Bearing

November 28, 2023

There are two primary types of balancing machines; a Soft Bearing Machine and a Hard Bearing Machine.  Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Here are the differences: Soft Bearing Balancer A soft bearing balancer allows the rotor ends to move freely in the horizontal direction of the balancing stand.  This type of balancer allows the rotor to turn […]

Key Features for a Vibration Analyst

November 21, 2023

When monitoring the vibration data of a machine, an analyst will want to look at the Time Waveform (TWF) and the Frequency Spectrum or FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) output, as shown below. These two example plots are very useful for determining obvious failure modes, such as, an imbalance with a high amplitude value of Overall […]

Using ANSI Shaft Alignment Tolerances to help solve base-bound and bolt-bound situations

November 14, 2023

Use ANSI Shaft Alignment Tolerances to help solve base-bound and bolt-bound situations. If a base- or bolt-bound situation presents itself during an alignment, take advantage of the outer limits of the tolerance envelope to help overcome the problem. It may be possible to optimally position the machine to meet the minimal ANSI tolerances and eliminate […]

Setting Alarm Values for your Vibration Measurements

November 7, 2023

Machines are like people. They all have certain similarities but are different in many ways. Two exact machines in the same operation may perform and respond quite differently. Setting alarm values for your vibration measurements is critical for the success of your vibration monitoring program. Alarms will help the analyst identify when conditions on the […]

What’s My Role in This New Initiative? 6 Reliability Concepts to Follow

October 31, 2023

Reliability is a culture propagating throughout the industry. When successful, a Reliability Program is proven to decrease safety risks, diminish unscheduled downtime, increase efficiency, improve production, and reduce costs. The key here is saving money and reducing risk. There are few competitive advantages between rival businesses in a global economy and a world full of […]

8 Key Considerations for Buying Wireless Vibration Sensors

October 24, 2023

Accuracy: Choose sensors with high accuracy levels for reliable measurements. The Kappa X ensures remote monitoring with data acquisition every minute. Frequency Range: Ensure the sensors cover the required frequency range. Kappa X offers up to 10kHz Fmax and 6400 Lines of Resolution (LOR) for a comprehensive vibration spectrum view. Battery Life: Opt for sensors […]

Give Your Machines the Correct Prerequisites

October 17, 2023

Within the industry, maintenance of machinery and plants is routine work. However, not everyone knows how to minimize future costs and risks for downtime from the start. Although it is so apparent! Increased sustainability and reduced energy consumption Everywhere in our society, machines are used for producing varying items, process materials, pump fluids, etc. These […]

About Lines of Resolution for Vibration Analysis

October 10, 2023

Lines of resolution (LOR) describes the number of lines of information that appear in the spectrum (FFT) acquired by the vibration data collector. LOR can be calculated by dividing the overall frequency range collected (Fmax) by the number of lines selected. LOR represents the amount of detail in the collected data. Without sufficient detail in […]

Have You Ever Used An Aluminum Can To Shim Your Motor?

October 3, 2023

When the beverage industry started to market its products in aluminum cans, a new by-product for industrial maintenance was created— soda and beer cans were sometimes used as shimming material for electric motors. Aluminum cans were flattened out and a slot cut into them to allow the shim to fit under the foot of the […]

Torque: Why, How, and Where – Part 2 The How and Where

September 26, 2023

In my previous blog Torque: Why, How, and Where, we talked about the why. Now we need to achieve a correct clamping force, and so we will discuss how to get there. Here are the normal ways of torquing hardware, in order from the least accurate to the most accurate. Impacting Hand tightening Using a […]

How to Deal With Thermal Growth

September 19, 2023

All rotating machinery is subjected to thermal exposure. The machines will react differently depending on temperature and material, either by expanding or shrinking. And that is a fact. Thermal growth is a serious thing when you think about it. All rotating machinery is installed in trains. Trains mean there is a driver, the motor, and […]

Maximizing Vertical Condensate Pump Performance: Essential Alignment Guidelines

September 12, 2023

In industrial facilities, the efficient operation of condensate pumps is crucial for maintaining production processes and avoiding costly downtime. Proper alignment is a crucial aspect in maintaining the performance of these pumps, with vertical alignment playing a critical role. When aligning a vertical condensate pump, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Here […]

5 Benefits of Wireless Vibration Sensors

September 5, 2023

Wireless vibration sensors like Kappa X offer several benefits compared to traditional wired sensors, including: Remote monitoring: Wireless vibration sensors can transmit data wirelessly to a central monitoring system, allowing maintenance personnel to monitor equipment performance and detect issues remotely. Real-time alerts: Wireless vibration sensors can be configured to send real-time alerts via email or […]

Torque: Why, How, and Where – Part 1 The Why

August 29, 2023

It’s time to talk about torque! This topic is one of the most neglected aspects of Machine Maintenance. Equipment is designed to perform tasks reliably and efficiently. This can be accomplished if the machine is used as intended, and maintenance performed according to the specifications established by the manufacturer of the machine. There are always […]

Myths and Truths about Balancing

August 22, 2023

MYTH: “1x RPM is always caused by unbalance.” TRUTH: Unbalance always causes vibration at 1x RPM.  However, 1 x RPM is not always caused by unbalance.  Many other problems can exhibit vibration at this frequency.  Examples are Misalignment, Bent shaft, bowed shaft, cracked shaft, eccentricity, open rotor bars in the motor, rubs, looseness, belt issues, […]

Importance of Shaft Alignment: Parallel & Angular Pump Alignment

August 15, 2023

Well-lubricated and properly aligned machinery are integral to the smooth running and continual functioning of your equipment and overall facility. Shaft alignment of rotating equipment is particularly important, as the unnecessary stress produced by misalignment will cause unexpected and costly downtime. Poor vertical and horizontal pump alignment damages your equipment’s seals and couplings, which have been proven […]

Baselines and Alarms for Vibration Monitoring

August 8, 2023

Importance of Setting up Alarms and Baselines in Machinery Vibration Analysis Machinery vibration analysis is an essential tool for monitoring the health of industrial equipment. It involves measuring the vibration of machines and analyzing the data to identify potential issues. One of the critical aspects of vibration analysis is setting up alarms and baselines to […]

Rotating Machinery: Pre-Alignment Preparation

August 1, 2023

Before going on a trip, we typically plan ahead, what we’re doing and where we are going each day on the trip, and we pack accordingly. When starting an alignment job, it is not that different. Whether it means thoroughly cleaning the mounting base, having the right tools for the job, or allocating the right […]

Cooling Tower Alignment Made Easy with Optimal Move

July 25, 2023

Two new hires called into our office for help with an alignment they were doing with a newly bought Easy-Laser XT laser shaft alignment system. Fortunately, our chief engineer was able to remotely guide them through two successful gearbox-motor alignments. There was still an issue: these gentlemen were inexperienced and being tasked with aligning 20 […]

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