Stories From The Melt Shop – A John Garrison Testimonial & Case Study

May 10, 2022

John Garrison is a SDT Level One Trained Ultrasound Inspector working as a Melt Shop Mechanical Technician in Alabama. This is part of his reliability journey as told by him. As a mechanic in charge of a portion of the mill, safety and reliability are a must for myself, my company, and our customers. Giving […]

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: SENSOTEQ and LUDECA Announce Partnership For U.S. Market and Caribbean

May 9, 2022

We are thrilled to announce LUDECA and Sensoteq join forces in the US and Caribbean! Sensoteq is a market leader in industrial wireless sensor technology for Condition Monitoring. Together, LUDECA and Sensoteq bring the new, industry-leading Kappa X wireless sensor to the condition monitoring market, together with its cloud-based Analytix software, giving you instant condition monitoring […]

MTC Secures New Technology For Industrial Maintenance Students

May 3, 2022

Midlands Technical College students are learning on the cutting edge of industrial training thanks to a dedicated instructor and a leading maintenance solutions provider. Matthew Lester is a member of the Industrial Maintenance faculty in the School of Advanced Manufacturing and Skilled Trades at MTC in Columbia, S.C. In 2019, he worked with LUDECA to […]

Align Your Belt or Chain-Driven Machines with Modern Laser Belt Alignment Systems!

April 26, 2022

  While it is now the norm to see technicians using laser tools to perform shaft alignment on rotating machinery at a plant or facility, it was not too long ago that sheaves and sprockets were still aligned with a string or straightedge. Although it is still common to see technicians break out the straightedge […]

Do We Really Need Oil Analysis if We’re Performing Other CM Techniques? – Part 2

April 19, 2022

We previously discussed in this series, Do we really need Oil Analysis if We’re Performing other CM Techniques? – Part 1. In this follow-up blog, we will discuss reading the oil analysis report.   Part 2 – Reading the oil analysis report An oil analysis report can seem like a lot of numbers and colors […]

Avoid Leaks When Performing Inspections With Ultrasound Tightness Testing

April 12, 2022

The ability to perform inspections on sealed enclosures in order to identify areas that could leak under pressure or vacuum is easily accomplished by utilizing ultrasound. When a component’s tightness integrity deteriorates, one or two things can happen.  Internal process fluids or gasses can leak into the environment, or contaminants can get into the process […]

The Difference Between Field Balancing and Shop Balancing

April 5, 2022

Shop Balancing may involve the use of a balancing stand to spin either component, component assemblies, or rotors, so that these may be balanced prior to the final assembly or actual on-site installation.  This type of balancing can also refer to the practice of balancing a completely assembled unit (fan, motor, pump, etc.) at the […]

Laser Alignment for a Vertical Water Pump with Easy-Laser XT

March 29, 2022

In vertically oriented shaft alignment, the objective is to make sure that the rotating axes of both shafts are lined up at the coupling during operating conditions.  There are sometimes extra constraints such as plumb, which need to be taken into consideration.  In this application, we have a typical vertical water condenser pump in which […]

Do we really need Oil Analysis if We’re Performing other CM Techniques? – Part 1

March 22, 2022

Part 1 – Understanding the consistency of oil Sampling Oil analysis has been one of the most widely used Condition Monitoring (CM) techniques to observe any changes occurring internally in the equipment. Typically, it is one of the most basic techniques utilized within the industry and is viewed as the first line of defense to […]

I bought an accurate tool. Why am I not getting accurate results?

March 15, 2022

This is a comment we hear all the time when someone buys a new laser alignment system. The assumption is that the cost of the system should magically make any alignment perfect, with little to no additional input from the technician. Nothing could be further from the case. In reality, the laser shows how inaccurate […]

Build a Vibration Database Quickly Using Machine Templates!

March 8, 2022

Some vibration software allows for the end user to build a database quickly and easily. For instance, preconfigured machine templates that cover ninety percent of the equipment found in a typical plant is a highly desirable feature. Below is an example of a motor and pump configuration. The ease and flow of the template allows […]

Ultrasound Inspection: Flexible Grid Style

March 1, 2022

Using the SDT flexible airborne sensor, sweep the coupling area listening for clicking, crackling, and/or popping sounds.  The sound coming from a good coupling should be a low constant noise without any clicking or popping sounds. The data shown below was taken from a flexible style coupling in good condition. Notice the low amplitude scaling […]

Is Soft Foot Really Important?

February 22, 2022

Soft Foot has often been noted as the most inexact science part of the shaft alignment job. Historically, when people think of Soft Foot, they often want to neglect, ignore, or otherwise do everything possible to not deal with it. This is one of the traps that leads down the path of bad habits, bad […]

Three Things Leaders Can Do to Impact Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance Programs

February 15, 2022

Having taken an inventory of the assets in your plant, you have identified the right tools and training that are needed to minimize unplanned work and avoid creating new defects. Even better, you’ve done some economic analysis, using conservative values, which showed less than a one-year payback and projected substantial recurring annual savings through condition […]

Vibration Alarms Save Time!

February 8, 2022

Do you use accurate alarm values for your vibration analysis program or other Condition Monitoring technologies? Setting accurate alarm values will help you identify equipment, however, the benefits go beyond this. Missing alarms or inaccurate alarms may force your analyst to review every machine each time data is collected, which wastes a lot of time […]

Pre-Alignment Planning and Execution Steps for Rotating Machinery

February 1, 2022

Before going on a trip, we typically plan ahead. What we are going to do, what we are going to pack, where we are going to go, and places to visit each day of the trip. When starting an alignment job, it is not that different. We must plan ahead. This means being ready to […]

Leveraging Technology to Eliminate Defects

January 25, 2022

In recent years, “Defect Elimination” has become a hot topic in the reliability world.  But what exactly does defect elimination mean?  How does it differ from other maintenance practices?  Is it more than just a new way to describe planned and predictive maintenance? Let me start by answering a more basic question.  What is a […]

What Causes Machinery Unbalance? Here are 10 Factors Preventing a Successful Balancing Job

January 18, 2022

Unbalance occurs when the rotor’s mass is no longer at the center of rotation. Unbalance can be caused by many factors: Assembly error Machine tolerances Eccentric components Wear Corrosion Thermal distortion Mechanical distortion Material buildup Bent components Broken components Likewise, many things can also prevent the successful correction of unbalance. Equipment resonance, bearing issues, product […]

9 Buying Tips for Acoustic Imaging Cameras

January 11, 2022

Considering an Acoustic Imaging Camera? Read My Buying Tips First Each year our condition monitoring world experiences innovation at some level, be it great or small. Even through a pandemic, leading tech companies continue to transform their solutions for the greater good of reliability. A recent example is the arrival of Acoustic Imaging Camera technology, also known as ultrasonic imagers. Acoustic imaging cameras combine extremely sensitive multi-frequency sound sensors […]

Reduce Errors From Poorly Designed Machinery – A Retrospective on Machinery Shaft Alignment

January 4, 2022

March 2021 – Pumps & systems In olden times, when hard work beyond the ability of a few humans was needed, a horse or a team of oxen was the solution. Even greater power requirements were fulfilled by wind or watermills. This form of driving machinery lasted for centuries and the mechanical components involved required […]