Vibration Data Collection Compressor
VIBWORKS Vibration Analyzer: Photo courtesy of JetTech Mechanical LLC

Consider how your vibration data collection instrument gathers information. This is a critical factor that can either streamline or prolong the data collection process within your facility. Typically, vibration analysts record and store an overall value (OA), spectrum (FFT), and time waveform (TWF) during each measurement. Some vibration hardware devices require separate measurements for each of these parameters. In contrast, modern day vibration data collectors offer the capability to capture all of these parameters and even more in a single measurement. This technological advancement has the potential to reduce your field data collection time by up to two-thirds. As a result, it not only boosts the performance of your Condition Monitoring team but also provides additional time for advanced troubleshooting methods, ultimately translating into cost savings for your organization.

Watch our Vibration Analysis Know-How: Quick Intro to Vibration Analysis video for a quick introduction to spectra, time waveform, and phase measurement.

The Importance of Vibration Analysis

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by Mario Rostran CRL