In our previous post DOWNTIME: 8 FORMS OF WASTE, we have seen the eight forms of waste that downtime can produce. So what then are the benefits of greater uptime? This useful acronym spells it out:

Utilization – Better utilization of skills, resources and technology to improve asset reliability

Profit – From decreased productivity costs, MRO spares costs and energy required for production

Targeting – Measuring progress toward a goal to achieve zero waste, accidents and downtime

Integrity – Integrity of equipment through inspection, testing and preventative maintenance

Mean Time Between Failures – increased MTBF with commensurate increase in availability, reliability and performance efficiency

Elimination of Defects – reduce risk of catastrophic failure, environmental disasters and injury

Increase Machine Uptime with Precision Alignment

Thank you Brian Franks with JetTech Mechanical LLC for sharing such a great picture!

You can increase equipment reliability and improve uptime by implementing an Asset Condition Management program that includes defect elimination by applying precision lubrication, alignment, and balancing techniques complemented by condition monitoring technologies like ultrasound and vibration analysis to early detect possible failures allowing for better planning and scheduling of your maintenance activities.

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Source of inspiration: UPTIME ELEMENTS™ passports by Reliabilityweb.

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by Oliver Gibbs CRL