We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with TM Induction Heating in the Netherlands to bring to the US market the SURETHERM line of induction heaters —a new generation of low frequency and highly efficient induction heaters for a wide range of applications. With 25 years of experience, TM Induction Heating is the industry leader in safe heating processes offering standard as well as custom solutions with  both bench top and floor stand models. Heat work pieces safely and efficiently with precise temperature control and automatic demagnetizing with real-time feedback and heating cycle graphs.

We are excited by the opportunity to partner with TM Induction Heating. Their induction heaters are the perfect complement to our alignment, ultrasound and vibration tools as they support your quest for reliability in preventing premature bearing failures from improper installation —Ana Maria Delgado, Marketing Manager of LUDECA.

Bernd Seidenthal, Assistant Vice President LUDECA and Tim Loedeman, CEO TM Induction Heating

TM’s SURETHERM heaters can help eliminate induced bearing defects from poor fitting and improper mounting techniques. TM’s innovative dual sensor temperature mode allows for 100% tension free heating of the workpiece independent of size or diameter. In addition to bearings, SURETHERM heaters can be used to precisely heat and shrink fit couplings, rings, sprockets and pulleys without inducing uneven loading or stress.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL