Good Practices for Sheave Alignment

October 31, 2012

When performing a multiple belt – sheave alignment,  it is imperative that all the belts and belt grooves are inspected individually for wear. If any of the belts are slipping,  then all belts must be replaced at the same time. To achieve an accurate alignment between the pulleys one can use a machinist’s straightedge, or […]

Testimonial: ROTALIGN ULTRA pays for itself with easier and faster alignments @CapitolAir

October 24, 2012

I have been using the ROTALIGN ULTRA for about one year now and it has made my job easier and faster. I like the ease of the installation of the tool. No more need to multiple dial indicators and carrying different mounting brackets! Everything in the ROTALIGN ULTRA is snug and compact in its own […]

If it isn't broken, don't fix it

October 17, 2012

Many end users have taken laser alignment equipment and “checked” alignments on equipment that has been running satisfactorily,  and very often with vibration data that falls well within alarm thresholds, only to find the alignment out of normal alignment tolerances. In this instance, the vibration data should be the determining factor. If the equipment is […]

Problem Solved | Measurement of the Flatness and Levelness of a Gearbox Foundation

October 15, 2012

The Problem: A cement manufacturer requested the measurement of the flatness and levelness of a gearbox foundation to determine its condition. The problem was that the gearbox had to remain in place during the measurement. This type of measurement would present itself as an impossible task due to the fact that most flatness measurement methods […]

Do you utilize Asset Health Reporting methods in your facility?

October 10, 2012

The health of your equipment is critical to your company’s success. Asset health reporting is an excellent way to understand and convey the current health of your equipment in a very meaningful way. If a condition monitoring (CM) technology identifies a failure condition on a machine,  then the asset health of the machine is usually […]

Machinery Alignment: 2D? 3D? What about –D (Negative Dimension)?

October 3, 2012

Laser shaft alignment has become ubiquitous these days. And for the most part,  alignments are very similar from one machine train to another. User enters the RPM for tolerance evaluation, enters dimensions of the driver, measures misalignment, and makes corrections. But what happens when an unusual physical configuration exists, as when the foot of the […]