Compressor alignmentI have been using the ROTALIGN® ULTRA for about one year now and it has made my job easier and faster. I like the ease of the installation of the tool. No more need to multiple dial indicators and carrying different mounting brackets! Everything in the ROTALIGN ULTRA is snug and compact in its own case. All I have to do is grab it and go! The ROTALIGN ULTRA is by far one of the easiest computer-based tools I have ever used; from installing it on the machine to navigating through the screens. One of my favorite options is the “constant sweep” mode. Once you get your laser set and you’re motor data programmed,  just hit “go”! Another nice feature is the “Soft Foot Wizard”. No more fighting with dial indicators on each foot pad. The ROTALIGN ULTRA is so effective,  it even tells you how much to shim on each foot pad! This has saved me so much time and hassle.
I have used the ROTALIGN ULTRA for Land O Lakes, Disney Land Theme Parks, Rexam beverage, Guardian Glass, Alza Corporation and many more.
One of my favorite things about the ROTALIGN ULTRA is the ease of giving the customer a report as soon as I’m done with the job. I’ll I have to do is save my report and transfer it to a thumb drive. At that point, I take it to the customer and have him save it to his computer! No more need to go back to the shop, download it to my computer and print!
I have done a lot of research on other brands of laser alignment tools and have had the sales representatives do demonstrations on them but when the representative for ROTALIGN ULTRA came to Capitol Air Systems for his demonstration, I knew this was the one for us. It was one of the best demonstrations hands down and the representative even let us get familiar with the operations of it. The time that the ROTALIGN ULTRA has saved me has well paid for itself. —Lonnie E. Owens, Sr., Sr. Field Service Engineer, Capitol Air Systems.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL