Are you certifiable?|Plant Services

September 21, 2010

Take a look at what it takes to become a certified maintenance and reliability professional. One time-honored way to lay claim to proficiency in a body of knowledge and the respect that comes with it is certification. From doctors and lawyers to real estate agents and pest-control specialists, earning or buying impressed pieces of faux […]

Turbine-Generator Alignment

September 20, 2010

POWER-GEN Worldwide, September 2010 The alignment of turbine-generator sets poses unique challenges that only the best laser shaft alignment systems can overcome. Not the least of these is the difficulty of turning the shafts (either coupled or uncoupled) and the methods employed in turning them. The intent of this article is to present a few […]

Online vibration works for you even when you are not at work

September 13, 2010

A key feature of online machine condition monitoring systems is the automatic and immediate notification of system operators or service personnel. Technicians notified by eMail or SMS of increases in damage are able to react without delay. Today’s Internet is basically a global communications network at our finger-Technology tips. What, then, could be more obvious […]

Q&A Webinar: Effective Defect Analysis: Maximizing your Vibration Setup

September 8, 2010

Thank you for attending our Webinar on Effective Defect Analysis: Maximizing your Vibration Setup by Mitch Stansloski, PhD, PE – Pioneer Engineering If you missed our Webinar, you can view it on demand at any time. We hope that you found your time with us to be informative and interesting. Here are the answers to your […]

Vibration analysis is like winning the lottery

September 7, 2010

Reliable Plant, August 2010 Ah, to be able to predict the winning numbers in a lottery – who hasn’t had that dream! Life would be so easy and carefree with a crystal ball. And, would not your maintenance job be so much simpler if you could just identify machine damage in time and predict the […]