It seems that every maintenance department has at least one Hercules that uses more muscle than technique to complete maintenance activities.  Brute force and strength are occasionally required to complete a task.  Having Hercules around is important when those moments arise.

However,  applying care and good technique are usually better. Over 90% of rotating equipment has defects at startup that result in equipment failure.  One of the reasons arises from making bearing installation a herculean task and not using proper technique.  Excessive force applied during bearing installation can introduce defects that lead to premature equipment failure.  Instead of beating the bearing on with a sledge hammer, gently heat it up on an induction heater, automatically demagnetize it, and then slip it on. If Hercules did the job, then the bearing and equipment are doomed to failure from the moment of startup.  This results in increased maintenance cost, increased risks, increased equipment downtime.

Installing equipment bearings should not be a herculean task.  Instead, proper technique and best practice should be applied to correctly install bearings.  Induction bearing heaters like SURETHERM can help eliminate induced bearing defects due to poor fitting and improper mounting techniques.  Induction bearing heaters provide increased safety, increased efficiency and reduce the risk of bearing contamination and damage that can result from using brute strength, oil baths, blow torches or other improper methods to heat bearings for proper installation.

by Trent Phillips

Reliable Plant, August 2010
Ah, to be able to predict the winning numbers in a lottery – who hasn’t had that dream! Life would be so easy and carefree with a crystal ball. And, would not your maintenance job be so much simpler if you could just identify machine damage in time and predict the point at which repairs really become necessary?According to DIN 31051, condition-oriented maintenance is not limited to inspection, servicing, determination of the machine condition and maintenance scheduling. It also encompasses predicting the length of service life remaining for machines and systems. This means it is not always necessary to replace a rolling bearing when an inspection measurement reveals inner raceway frequencies.This article describes how it was possible to keep a damaged bearing running for several months until the scheduled annual outage came around – naturally under close observation. Periodic measurements had shown that there had only been a slight change in the envelope spectrum. But one thing at a time …
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by Mickey Harp CRL