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Vibworks vibration analyzer

Welcome to VIBWORKS

Embrace precision and efficiency with VIBWORKS, the pinnacle of industrial innovation. Our advanced technology ensures rapid, accurate data collection, setting new standards for performance and productivity.

Introducing the VIBWORKS Data Collector and Analyzer

The VIBWORKS data collector and analyzer offer a portable solution for comprehensive asset health monitoring. With multiple software modules, VIBWORKS vibration analyzers enable reliable diagnosis and monitoring of rotating machines, reducing time and effort required. Choose from three versatile models to meet your specific needs:


  • 1-channel vibration acquisition
  • Machines state monitoring
  • Machines creation
  • Extended bearing database
  • Analysis report generation
  • Basic/Advanced signal processing
  • Long Time Waveform collector

Same features as VIBWORKS Knight plus:

  • 3-axis vibration acquisition
  • Anomalies report generation
  • Automatic database creation
  • S.A.M. Smart Alarms Module
  • History reprocess

Same features as VIBWORKS Knight and Rook plus:

  • Ultra HD Monitoring (4K Analysis)
  • Interactive color-coded dashboard
  • Direct Bluetooth® audio from sensor
VibWorks Portable Vibration Analyzer
Photo credit: JetTech Mechanical LLC

Top Features:

  • 1920 x 1200px glove-friendly touchscreen
  • True simultaneous triax acquisition up to 104Khz
  • Smart alarms
  • Up to 2 million true lines of resolution
  • 4K data analysis make it easy to assess the dynamic behavior of your machines
  • ClickOnce™ Technology to generate Word® and PDF reports generated with a single click. Available Reports include Kinematics, Analysis, Anomalies, superimposed Spectra, Overall Table, Trends and much more.


VibWorks Multi-channel vibration analyzer
Photo credit: JetTech Mechanical LLC