To resume our “The Rights of” blog post series which included The Rights of Precision Balancing and The Rights for Precision Shaft Alignment, I decided to give compressed air leak detection and repair a try with some basic rights when using PdM technologies like Airborne Ultrasound and Acoustic Imaging.


Here are my 14 rights to help you find those pesky and costly air leaks. Can you think of any others?

  • Right safety procedures before you start your survey.
  • Right leak management procedure to help you find-and-find leaks.

Download our Infographic Find-and-Fix Procedure to help environmental sustainability with reduced energy waste.

  • Right pre-survey check of compressed air system layout/drawings.
  • Right pre-survey gauge check (PSI)
  • Right pre-survey inspection of pipe location, valves and fittings.
  • Right leak detection instrument

Now days you can choose from an airborne ultrasound tool like our SDT ULTRAChecker all the way to an ultrasonic acoustic imaging camera like our new SDT Sonavu.

  • Right leak location before you tag it.
  • Right measured dBuV value in defect log.
  • Right LOTO procedures before you start repair.
  • Right leak location and severity report.
  • Right leak elimination.
  • Right re-measured dBuV value in work order.
  • Right estimate of the cost impact of leaks.
  • Right comprehensive reports to share your wins throughout your organization.


Download our SDT LEAKReporter App to help you document and quantify your energy savings $$$.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL