SDT LEAKReporter

SDT LEAKReporter

Compressed Air Leak Management

Air is free. Compressed air is not! It requires another energy source – usually electricity – compress it. How much energy? Let’s look at the proportion of costs for a new system with a 15-year lifecycle:

  • 13% CAPEX investment (equipment, engineering, installation)
  • 12% Maintenance costs to keep the system running
  • 75% Energy to run the compressors

The cost of a leak depends on a few variables including the cost of energy, total running time, peak demand times, and compressor efficiency. The DOE (Department of Energy) claims that a smallish (.08”) leak at 90PSI costs up to $1,900/year. Consider that hundreds of leaks may exist throughout your facility; what are you waiting for?

Start a compressed air leak management program is your first step. That program needs ultrasound. Turbulent flow from leaks produces sounds throughout the frequency spectrum but generates peaks in the 35 – 40 kHz range; exactly where ultrasound detectors like the SDT200, SDT270, SDT340, ULTRAChecker, and LEAKChecker are engineered to perform best. SDT pinpoints leaks at their source, regardless of background noise. This means your program starts today. No need to wait for a shutdown.

SDT270 Air Leak Detection system

Manage your leaks with the LEAKReporter App in 5 steps:

  1. Create a survey and thoroughly inspect your factory for leaks.
  2. Document your findings with photos, input the ultrasonic readings.
  3. Use measurements to estimate the cost impact of leaks.
  4. Synchronize your completed survey with the web browser.
  5. Generate comprehensive reports and share your wins throughout your organization.

Download our Airborne Ultrasound Leak Management: Find-and-Fix Leaks procedure to guide you from start to finish.


LEAKReporter CMS 2.0

The ultimate tool to fight against energy waste.

Analyze your data in the homepage and single survey dashboards, there you can have a full overview of the work done, the actual and potential savings in your currency and in m3, and a retroactive time frame so you don’t leave any leak unrepaired.