We know that unforeseen failures can leave machines unavailable for use. Defects attributed to premature component wear and failure due to over/under lubrication, poor installation practices such as improper bearing heating can also cause inventory depletion and other forms of waste…How else can we think about the costly effects of downtime? This useful acronym spells it out:

Defects – Out-of-spec products that require additional resources to fix.

Overproduction – Producing too much of a product before it is ready to be sold.

Waiting – Time waiting for next step in process.

Non-utilized staff talent – Workers that are not effectively engaged in the process.

Transportation – Unnecessary movements of materials.

Inventory – Idle inventory.

Motion – Unnecessary movements by people caused by inefficiencies in process.

Excess processing – Poor maintenance that causes more work than is necessary to produce a good product.

Downtime Due To Over Lubrication

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by Oliver Gibbs CRL