The scenario: You have just been informed that a corporate reliability initiative has begun. Your new assignment is to implement a vibration analysis program. You are disconcerted because you are not sure how to implement this new assignment or where to seek help. Many organizations implement a reliability initiative because their competition has already done so or management has become convinced of the financial value that can be gained from it. Unfortunately,  as with most things in life, the devil is always in the details.

Company culture plays a critical role in the successful implementation of a reliability program. This shouldn’t be underestimated. Some companies implement program after program, each with the best of intentions. The objectives are always to increase operating efficiencies, achieve cost reductions, capacity improvements, shrink required manpower, etc. Many of these efforts fail after a few months because the program is replaced by something new, key management individuals did not support it, inadequate funding was provided, proper awareness was not instilled, and many other reasons. The new initiative falls into an abyss and is quickly forgotten.

Most seasoned employees who work in these organizations have seen this happen time after time over their careers.

Many employees and managers thus adopt a “wait and see” approach. This trait is learned after years of seeing efforts start and quickly fail. Why join the “flavor of the month” club and devote focus to something that will soon be replaced? It requires less energy to wait and see if the new program will remain a company priority and become successful. The financial value to your business is clear, but will only be realized if the program is correctly implemented and sustained. Senior management has to ensure that everyone understands this effort is not a passing fad. Key signs of support must be given with results-driven implementation.

Don’t let the vibration analysis program and other reliability efforts become a “flavor of the month” effort.

Become the champion that promotes the value of these efforts and helps to ensure the results are implemented.

Doing so can reap great rewards for yourself and pay great dividends for your company. Seek support and advice from technology vendors, co-workers, and the many resources available. You are not alone! Many individuals have been where they are now or faced the same challenges within their organization.

The road to success can be long and difficult to traverse. However, with proper implementation, persistence, and senior management support you can get there. Persevere!

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, , by Dave Leach CRL CMRT CMRP