Every analyst has a few things they really don’t want to hear during the course of their work. These comments often indicate that proper maintenance activities have not been performed on the equipment,  or convey unrealistic expectations of the analyst’s abilities. For instance:

  1. “It has always run like that!”
  2. “It really was making a noise before you arrived.”
  3. “We don’t have time to change the bearings. Just balance the machine so we can run it.”
  4. “How long will it last?”
  5. “Those bearings are brand new so I know they’re good.”
  6. “Yeah, we just use a torch to heat bearings to install them.” Use an EDDYTHERM® induction heater with automatic demagnetizing to properly install your bearings.
  7. “We don’t have a bearing heater so we use a pipe and hammer to drive the bearing on.” Use an EDDYTHERM induction heater with automatic demagnetizing to properly install your bearings.
  8. “All we collect are overall vibration values, they tell us everything we need to know.”
  9. “It doesn’t take us long to change belts cause we just roll them on.” Very bad practice! Use a laser tool like the SHEAVEMASTER and loosen the feet of the motor before installing the new belts.
  10. “We don’t use no fancy alignment tool. All we need is a straight edge.” A recipe for disaster! Get a good laser shaft alignment system like the SHAFTALIGN® —the money this will save in lost production and unnecessary repairs will more than pay for itself, not to mention the time saved for the analyst who can now dedicate himself to finding other more complex vibration problems.
  11. “My screwdriver does not confirm your analysis!”
  12. “You found the problem. Now go fix it.”
  13. “I didn’t realize you needed training.” Sign-up for a LUDECA vibration analysis training class.
  14. “I didn’t realize that this CM technology would create so much work.”
  15. “We need you to stop using that CM technology and turn wrenches this week.”
  16. “We didn’t realize you had identified and created a work order to fix that problem before it failed.”

No doubt you’ve heard a few more! Feel free to share them with us.

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