Improper bearing installation is a common cause of bearing failure. If a bearing is damaged during installation, no amount of lubrication or alignment will save that bearing. At best, it will only prolong its inevitable premature failure.

Poor bearing installation starts with poor bearing storage. It is important to ensure that bearings are kept in an area with constant temperature and humidity, making sure the oldest bearings are used first, keeping the bearings in their protective packaging, and laying them flat as opposed to hanging them. Make sure the environment is vibration-free and clean, in order to prevent particle ingress contamination. One big problem with poor bearing installation is the method that is used to install the bearings. This also holds true for gears, hubs, rings, and any other workpiece that needs to be heated to be mounted on a shaft.

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Other problems are selecting the correct bearing, measuring to confirm that the interference fit is correct, making sure to clean the shaft on which the bearing will be placed, and not contaminating the bearing during handling.

Another problem is overheating. It is imperative to maintain an even temperature throughout the bearing while installing it and make sure never to exceed 250 F (121 C.)

Once the correct bearing has been selected, it has been measured to confirm the selection, and the shaft is free of contaminants and burrs, now comes the selection of the method used to mount the bearing. The selection can either give the bearing a long, healthy life or condemn it to death before it rotates even once.

There are several methods that can be used to heat a bearing for installation:

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by Bernd Seidenthal CRL