Accurate Conveyor Drive Alignment Solves Vibration and Bearing Temperatures Issues at Texas mine

January 27, 2015

At a mine in Texas unacceptably high vibration levels and high bearing temperatures were being observed on an 1800 RPM Marathon electric motor coupled to a Lufkin gearbox needed to drive the world’s second longest conveyor system (21 miles). Good shaft alignment is crucial. Obviously the alignment has to be done uncoupled since the gearbox […]

Data collection in a computer aided machine like a CNC machine

January 20, 2015

Today’s manufacturing facilities increasingly depend on Computer Aided Machines (CAM) and robotics in their many processes. This highly technologically advanced machinery is designed with many failsafes and protection systems capable of shutting down the machine to maintain the integrity of the part being machined and the equipment itself. As these machines typically run at very […]

Centering a SOLAR Gas Turbine Shaft with SENSALIGN Laser Technology

January 13, 2015

SOLAR gas turbine centering tool with X-Y tracking The centering tool for SOLAR TURBINES is based upon shaft travel in the vertical plane. As the top knob is turned,  a plunger pushes the shaft from the top position all the way down to the bottom position. The tool allows the technician to count the number […]

Equipment Criticality Ranking Tip

January 6, 2015

It is critical (pun intended) that you have a criticality ranking for your equipment.  This will help you properly direct maintenance and reliability efforts.  It is difficult to have granularity on the actual role equipment plays if the criticality scale is small (1-10).  It is best to use a higher scale with categories that comprise […]