Today’s manufacturing facilities increasingly depend on Computer-Aided Machines (CAM) and robotics in their many processes. This highly technologically advanced machinery is designed with many failsafes and protection systems capable of shutting down the machine to maintain the integrity of the part being machined and the equipment itself.

As these machines typically run at very high speeds,  it is of great importance to perform condition monitoring on their bearings, motors, and gearboxes. Large amounts of debris and fluids can accumulate inside these machines during normal operation. This can complicate the use of a regular sensor and cable assembly to collect vibration data.

Consider using a small sensor with an integral cable and an armored jacket along with a vibration analyzer like the VIBXPERT® or an online condition monitoring system such as VIBNODE®. This combination of technology, sensor(s), and cable will allow your facility to reliably monitor the health of your CAM machines and maintain both performance and reliability.

Sensor with integrated cable

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, by Mario Rostran CRL