SOLAR gas turbine centering tool with X-Y tracking

The centering tool for SOLAR TURBINES is based upon shaft travel in the vertical plane. As the top knob is turned,  a plunger pushes the shaft from the top position all the way down to the bottom position. The tool allows the technician to count the number of turns of the top knob to determine the amount of travel of the shaft. Upon traversing the full extent of the travel range from top to bottom,  the technician then applies only half the number of turns in the opposite direction to return the shaft to the center of its vertical travel range. Performing this task with the ROTALIGN® ULTRA laser shaft alignment system allowed this job to be performed much more accurately. The laser/sensor combination takes the centering of the shaft to a new dimension by tracking not only the shaft’s vertical position but its horizontal position as well.

Solar Gas Turbine Shaft
SOLAR TURBINES Shaft Centering Mechanism
with ROTALIGN ULTRA’s SENSALIGN® sensor installed on the shaft.


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by Carlos Bienes CRL