Pump and Motor Skid packages are essential pieces of rotating equipment that come as a complete package, with both machines mounted on a “skid”.  They are aligned at the factory and then shipped to the location to be installed at the facility.  If the skid was aligned at the factory, is it unnecessary to align it after the skid is mounted to the floor? The answer is No!

While the skid package was factory aligned, even precisely using a laser alignment system, you can almost guarantee it will not be in an aligned condition after installation on the floor.  One factor to consider is that this package probably travels long distances to reach its destination. It probably undergoes a lot of physical interaction during this process, such as being unpackaged, lifted, moved, hoisted, and set into place. In essence, it gets “bumped around” a lot.

Then, the skid itself is going to be placed on a concrete or steel support structure. Ideally, it is set level with jack bolts and gets get grouted into place for concrete installations.  This should result in a solid, flat, and level installation.  However, most installations involve simply bolting the skid directly to the concrete.  For machine installation requirements, concrete is usually far from flat and level. It will most definitely twist or deform the skid frame as it conforms to the surface of the concrete.  This will change the factory alignment of the machines which will then need to be addressed.

Shown below is such an installation where the skid was bolted directly to the concrete.  Precision alignment is needed, this one features the Easy-Laser E710 laser shaft alignment system to correct the alignment starting from the base (soft foot) all the way through to the final shaft alignment.  The fastest way to accomplish this is to follow the LUDECA 5-Step Shaft Alignment procedure.  Once the alignment is complete, a report is generated showing the skid package was properly aligned.


Ultimately, machines don’t care that alignment took place in the past.  They care about what the alignment is during operation.  Aligning pre-packaged skids after installation is non-negotiable for ensuring proper alignment.

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by Daus Studenberg CRL