We previously discussed in our series of soft foot, Types of Soft Foot: Part 3 Squishy Foot. In this follow-up blog, we will discuss Induced Soft Foot.

What is induced soft foot?

Induced Soft Foot: Occurs when stress-induced external forces such as pipe strain, electrical connections, or severe misalignment combined with a stiff coupling pull or push on the machine creating a distortion of the frame.

The precise alignment of rotating machinery is affected by many factors and components. From the very foundation the equipment is mounted upon to the equipment itself, and extending to anything connected to the machine. Because of the tightness of the tolerances that are aimed for during these alignments, it takes little to put stress on a machine.

In rotating equipment, the internal alignment of the bearings that hold the shaft in place is very precise. As we’ve seen in this series the mating between the feet and mounting surface can stress these internal components and clearances. What else can cause internal misalignment of the bearings?

Condition 4: Induced Soft Foot

  • Caused by external forces such as pipe stress, coupling strain and strain from conduits and braces.
  • Correct by removing any external forces on the machine.

Soft Foot - Induced Picture

Download our Soft Foot Find-and-Fix Infographic which outlines the of types of Soft Foot including causes and corrections.

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by Oliver Gibbs CRL