We previously discussed in our series of soft foot, Types of Soft Foot: Part 2 Bent Foot. In this follow-up blog, we will discuss Squishy Foot.

What is squishy foot?

Squishy foot: also known as spring foot, occurs when the gap between the foot and base has already been filled with an excess of shims to correct a soft foot problem.

Proper preparation for a shaft alignment job is essential to success. Inspect the machine components and hardware and ensure the environment is free of any rust, dirt, debris or paint. The above steps are part of the pre-alignment check detailed in our 5-Step Shaft Alignment Procedure and should not be overlooked.

Condition 3: Squishy Foot

  • Caused by compressible material under the feet of the machine.
  • Too many shims can also be the culprit. Try to have four or fewer shims under each foot.
  • Proper cleaning of the environment and use of new crush resistant shims will eliminate this condition.



Soft Foot - Squishy Figure 3C

Watch our Shaft Alignment Know-How: Soft Foot video to learn about the effects and importance of measuring and correcting Soft Foot when performing shaft alignment.

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by Oliver Gibbs CRL