Modal ODS Training
The LUDECA Condition Monitoring team just completed a seminar on Modal and ODS techniques with Tony DeMatteo of 4X Diagnostics LLC.  The seminar was highly successful and participants came from as far as England to attend.   Everyone involved in vibration analysis can benefit from phase analysis. Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) is a software-based enhancement of phase analysis and can be used to analyze the vibratory motion of rotating equipment and structures. ODS is a non-intrusive test that can be completed during the normal operation of a machine.  A computer-generated model of a machine, structure, etc is animated with the collected data.  This process can be used to prove or disprove theories about failure modes in equipment.

The VibXpert® data collector can be easily used to collect this type of data.  The data is collected with the VibXpert and imported into the computer-generated model of the machine or structure for animation and analysis.  The new VibXpert II data collector was used in the class to demonstrate the process and power of ODS measurements.  Everyone was amazed at how fast this data can be collected with the VibXpert II versus other instruments currently available.

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by Trent Phillips