It is common knowledge that it is critical to document the financial savings that result from Condition Monitoring (CM) activities such as vibration analysis. It is also common knowledge that it is often difficult to get management to provide routine funding for additional CM technologies and/or related training. Have you considered the possible value in documenting the financial costs associated with failures?  You can use this information to demonstrate to management the cost of not providing additional technologies and/or related training.

Management may not be aware of the cost of doing nothing,  or of doing too little.

Document the failures you could have identified if an additional CM technology was available or additional training had been provided. Show management that the cost of doing nothing is much higher than they may suspect. They may be surprised that not providing funding for CM technologies and training is actually costing them much more than investing in such efforts. You may be surprised at the amount of support you receive as a result of helping them understand the cost of not doing enough or nothing at all.

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by Trent Phillips