Online Monitoring SystemAs with most projects, communication is the vital key to successful completion.

When you purchase an online remote monitoring system, such as a VIBNODE® or VIBROWEB®, there are other things to consider besides the purchase of the equipment itself.  Factors to consider include: Deciding who will install the hardware; deciding how communication from the devices to the customer’s or plant’s network will occur; determining whether the equipment or asset to be monitored is at a remote location or situated in house; identifying any safety requirements for installing or handling the condition monitoring equipment; when and how to bring the systems online, etc.

In order to guarantee the successful installation and project completion of an online remote monitoring system, here are five crucial steps to follow:

1. Appoint a project manager. It can be an employee at your facility, a person at the corporate office, or a LUDECA engineer who has managed projects before and can assist you with communication and timelines.

2. Install the hardware. If a turn-key installation is not possible, contact your facility’s maintenance department and electricians to assist with installing the hardware.

3. Optimize Communication. Contact your company’s IT department in the beginning stages of the project. Get them involved as early as possible.  Contact your health and safety department to ensure there are no problems with installing your condition monitoring hardware at the desired location.

4. Involve Operations. Contact your operations and maintenance department to establish a timeline for when the equipment you wish to monitor can be shut down for sensor and cable installation. Most facilities will perform this work during a planned shutdown or will schedule a temporary shutdown for installation to occur.

5. Start-Up & Commissioning. Contact LUDECA to schedule the commissioning of the systems. LUDECA can send a certified engineer who is highly trained in commissioning and operating online systems and is also a certified vibration analyst.

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by Alex Nino CRL