July 2016 – Flow Control Magazine
Maintaining the health of the assets that make up a steam system brings benefits that are measured by cost reduction, improved product quality, and decreased risk to safety. When employees undertake a project that delivers on goals like these, a fourth win is returned by default — improved reliability culture.

When steam system health is ignored, components degrade and efficiency erodes. Over time the system reaches a point where it is no longer able to deliver on its engineered purpose. The maintenance manager’s phone rings. Production needs a fix, and they need it fast. Now it is time to fight fires again.

Which scenario does an organization pursue? Should it pursue the reactive one or the calm, planned approach that sees problems before they emerge, reaps the benefits of cumulative cost savings, has impeccable safety records, and culture of motivated and artistic employees eager to change their world?

Read the full article: Creating reliable steam systems with ultrasound to better understand the importance of monitoring the condition of a steam system to then act upon the data.

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by Allan Rienstra - SDT Ultrasound Solutions