The ability to perform inspections on sealed enclosures in order to identify areas that could leak under pressure or vacuum is easily accomplished by utilizing ultrasound.

When a component’s tightness integrity deteriorates, one or two things can happen.  Internal process fluids or gasses can leak into the environment, or contaminants can get into the process which can sometimes be catastrophic.

Examples of this include:

  • Inspection sealed storage tanks.
  • Seals for vehicle around the passenger compartment.
  • Identification of leaks in welded and fabricated tanks.
  • Inspection of waterproof enclosures for equipment or switchgear
  • Shipping container and hatch inspections for the Marine cargo industry.
  • Inspection of bulkhead seal areas on ships where electrical cables pass from
  • One sealed compartment of a ship to sealed compartment.

tightness testing


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by Dave Leach CRL CMRT CMRP