The word “thrashing” can mean many things.  Words like flogging, whipping, beating, head banging and many more are always included in the definition.  Do you constantly feel these effects when trying to manage or participate in a reliability project?  As a result, does the project become overwhelming, or lack support, or have steps and goals that keep changing and a desired outcome that is never reached?

One of the most overlooked ingredients for a successful project is overcoming resistance to change by key individuals.  These individuals may resist because they do not agree with the project steps, the outcome, or simply believe they will not benefit.  You must look at things through their eyes!  You cannot wait until the project is near completion to let these individuals “thrash” it and for you to “see” it from their perspective.  Schedule time and welcome thrashing at the beginning of the project.  As a result, you will be able to better convey project value, identify crucial things that should be included in the project design and then focus on the target completion date (ship date) and returning value back to your company.

The unfortunate fact is that we cannot stop our reliability projects from being flogged, beat up and whipped.  Take advantage of this reality and understand key aspects from everyone’s viewpoint early in the project.  Otherwise, you run the risk of having your project delayed and yourself beaten to death at the end.

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by Trent Phillips CRL CMRP - Novelis