Reliability Culture Change

Nothing Changes Unless You Make it Change”

For a while now I have been inspired by this quote from Samuel Jackson in the movie The Samaritan (2012). I probably heard similar quotes in the past but it wasn’t until I heard it in this movie that its message finally resonated with me. Trust me, I did not expect a line from a drama thriller to have such an impact on both my personal and professional life. Professionally, I realized that while I was not out in the field in the plants, as an industrial marketing professional I could nonetheless play a role in the much-talked-about Reliability Culture Change within our industry.

My commitment to Reliability started by becoming a volunteer with SMRP (Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals) to help create awareness of the value of their CMRP & CMRT certifications and their mission of Reliability Excellence. Later, I studied the UPTIME® ELEMENTS™ to become a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) in support of their holistic approach to Reliability. Both gave me access to valuable knowledge that as a marketer I could use to start my Reliability Journey and hopefully contribute to change.

Naturally, my research also included the areas of expertise of my company and I was pleasantly surprised to confirm that Precision Alignment, Precision Balancing, Ultrasound Testing, and Vibration Analysis as technologies in the field of Asset Condition Management could contribute so much, not only to asset reliability but also to safety, by minimizing reactive work which poses a higher risk of injuries. My journey included working with our amazing engineering team to capture their expertise, to create and deliver to our customers resources such as short Know-How videos for proper machine installation, Soft Foot correction, etc.; a Shaft Alignment Fundamentals wallchart; Infographics for a Balancing Procedure and for Leak Management, etc.; to help customers implement best practices and do a better job with the tools and resources available to them.

I have defined my role to be: Learn, Create, Communicate and Lead by Example. What’s your role in Reliability Culture Change? Remember “Nothing Changes Unless You Make it Change”. Declare Reliability and be part of the culture change.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL