Most of the time focusing on reliability issues or improvements is placed on maintenance. Good equipment reliability requires that detailed attention be placed on several factors beyond your maintenance department and efforts. Good reliability processes and sustainability requires that focus be placed upon design,  purchasing,  stores (warehouse), installation, startup, operation, and finally the maintenance of the equipment. Design, installation, startup, and operation of the equipment are responsible for a very large percentage of reliability issues.

However, these areas are commonly overlooked for equipment reliability improvements. For example, a reliability issue designed into equipment will require repeated maintenance of that equipment. Your maintenance department may have many equipment reliability issues that have been introduced into your equipment by these other sources. This will result in repeated efforts to maintain that equipment and the resulting expenses. Do not overlook these other areas of improvement in your reliability efforts.

Watch our Video Tutorial RELIABILITY BASICS for an overview of basic concepts to improve rotating equipment reliability and machinery health.

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by Trent Phillips