Oil & Grease Storage Best Practices

A few simple practices could help to prevent damage and contamination of your oil and grease:

  1. Error-proof the system by color coding and labeling the lubricants.
  2. Store in a climate-controlled environment.
  3. Store in a clean environment to prevent ingress contamination.
  4. Use the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) principle for usage, as lubricants do have a shelf life.
  5. Verify lubricant baseline to ensure product compliance standards.
  6. Do not use open-top containers. Use only sealed containers for storage and transportation.
  7. If storing in drums, ideally store in the horizontal position on racks.
  8. If storing drums upright, bungs must always be kept tight and drum covers should be used.
  9. Always filter new oil.

Visit our Knowledge Center and download our OIL & GREASE STORAGE BEST PRACTICES Infographic. Perfect to print and hang in your storeroom!

Thank you to Lubrication Engineers for their help with this blog/Infographic!

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL