Back in July 2011, ArcelorMittal Point Lisas, Trinidad awarded TOSL’s Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Department with a one-year contract for Reliability and Condition Based Monitoring. It was the first time a process like that would be implemented at ArcelorMittal. The contract is being executed by our Senior PdM technician, Mark Dwarika, and PdM technicians, Samir Khan and Ramon Rabathaly.
Pdm ArcelorMittal Trinidad

TOSL’s PdM Department is currently facilitating ArcelorMittal with Reliability and Condition Monitoring Services, inclusive of vibration data collection and analysis, lube-oil sampling and analysis, as well as infrared thermographic inspection of the DR1, DR2, and DR3 plants. Over the short period since the commencement of the contract, the reliability of the facility has improved by approximately 8% —surpassing expectations.
Karth Arthur, Assistant Engineering Manager at ArcelorMittal quoted that:

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend TOSL Engineering Ltd to any firm. I have worked with TOSL from March 2010 to the present. During this time they have provided condition monitoring services to our five plants. These include Vibration Analysis, Thermographic Analysis, Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), and Oil Analysis. The quality of work has been of the highest standard and their reports have been clear and concise. With these services, we have increased our availability by 15% and reliability by 8%. I recommend them with enthusiasm, and we will continue to utilize the services of TOSL Engineering Ltd”.

Early fault detection of rotating and static equipment components is a key factor in improving the mean time between failures (MTBF). The PdM technicians are now based at the ArcelorMittal as a fully incorporated faction of the facility. The interaction between the facility management, engineers, and TOSL personnel has improved the plant’s reliability to where a failure of components monitored and corrections made based on recommendations and consultation have decreased drastically. Monthly PowerPoint Presentations, departmental meetings, as well as equipment condition assessment reports, updating and emergency action plans on critical equipment are also major role that the technicians are either responsible for or play a role in.

Repairs on equipment are facilitated by ArcelorMittal’s respective maintenance departments, but it is also the PdM technicians’ responsibility to oversee and, if necessary, recommend changes to procedures in place. Overall the actions and recommendations collectively outline the basis of a functional Reliability and Condition Monitoring Program with improvements noted.

Congratulations to ArcelorMittal and TOSL Engineering Ltd., LUDECA‘s representative in Trinidad & Tobago, for their Reliability Achievements.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL