VibXpert II 2010 Impovation AwardsMEDIA RELEASE
Awards continue for our VIBXPERT® II vibration analyzer. IMPO magazine readers voted in droves for the second annual IMPOvation product technology award. From a pool of 80 nominees, they picked our VIBXPERT II vibration analysis tool as their favorite Top 2!” Despite last year’s debilitating recession, the resilient industry has seen solutions providers continue to aggressively develop and produce truly unique and impressive products, services and software for the manufacturing sector —an inspiration that has reinforced the concept of IMPOvation.” “The VIBXPERT II rugged portable vibration analyzer, from Ludeca, combines a rapid processor with an energy-efficient color VGA display, which has 102,400 lines of resolution. All forms of machine vibration s, bearing conditions, process data, and visual inspection information can be collected and stored on the expandable compact flash card…” —IMPO magazine

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL