LUDECA is proud to announce that they are now an approved Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) Provider. As such LUDECA provides training and services aligned with the Reliabilityweb Uptime Elements for the Alignment/Balancing (A/B) domain under Asset Condition Management (ACM).
Ludeca MSAT Approved

We are excited to be part of this program and thereby be able to better assist the Asset Condition Management community in their quest to eliminate machine defects in applying precision alignment and balancing techniques”
says Ana Maria Delgado, CRL, Marketing Manager for LUDECA.

To support the MSAT program and better serve their customers with their maintenance and reliability needs, LUDECA recently certified 25 team members as Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL) and has embarked on a Reliability Journey to educate customers on the benefits of proactive precision alignment and balancing as a key step on the road to world-class reliability excellence

LUDECA is a leading provider of Preventive, Predictive, and Corrective Maintenance Solutions including machinery laser alignment, vibration analysis, and balancing equipment as well as software, rentals, services and training. For more details, visit

About the Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI)
Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) was established as a Community of Practice (CoP) in 2012 to improve how organizations deliver asset performance through the use of Uptime Elements, a reliability framework designed to enhance the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) has a reputation for creating knowledge that measurably improves reliability and asset performance strategies. More details are available at

About Mapped Services and Training (MSAT)
The Uptime® Elements™ framework is a system-based approach to embedding a reliability culture into an organization. As more asset managers are adopting the Uptime® Elements™ framework in support of ISO55001, there is a growing need for in-depth services and detailed “how-to” training related to the mastery of each element.
The Reliability Leadership Institute is introducing a Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) Providers program to assist potential clients in sourcing approved vendors on processes and technologies covered by the Uptime® Elements™ Framework.

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, by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL