LUDECA’s commitment to customer service goes far beyond the obvious,  such as meticulous hands-on customer training,  free tech support, free loaners while your equipment is being repaired, and all always having all accessories in stock for immediate delivery.

With LUDECA you are never in the dark.

An on-site propane-powered 150 KW fully automatic generator set keeps us instantly operational whenever power outages occur. The unit delivers sufficient electricity to seamlessly operate all our computer systems, air conditioning systems, lighting, climate-controlled laboratory, repair center, and our state-of-the-art Alignment and Condition Monitoring Training Center.

This means no interruptions in order processing, no delays in repair and calibration procedures, uninterrupted acclimatization of lasers and sensors for NIST-certified calibration, and uninterrupted training sessions for our students.

LUDECA—where the customer comes first!
Keep it running.

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by Dieter Seidenthal