solarWorld vehicleAs announced back in April and as a result of PRUFTECHNIK Alignment Systems’ sponsorship of the SolarCar project,  we are pleased to announce that they have made it to the finish line.  The solar-powered vehicle “SolarWorld GT” has returned to Bochum, Germany after its journey around the world making honor of its motto “PRUFTECHNIK keeps the world rotating’”.

The SHAFTALIGN® tool donated to the University of Bochum was used to enable optimal alignment of the test bench for the wheel hub motors used in the SolarWorld GT.  They were able to maximize the efficiency of the drive system for the solar vehicle, 29,710 km – on 177 days of driving – that was the reading on the odometer at the end of the trip around the world.

Once again, we salute PRUFTECHNIK, our principals, for supporting electromobility and demonstrating the achievements of their tools. Taking pride in the equipment they develop has definitely paid off.

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by Yolanda Lopez