Hopefully, your company has global, regional and facility resources dedicated full time to reliability initiatives.

These resources are necessary to help ensure improvements in maintenance, equipment run-time, capacity, profits, and much more.

The question you and your organization should be asking is “who is the reliability leader in your organization”?

The answer may seem simple but could be quite surprising when given serious consideration. The answer should be “everyone”. The truth is that most implementation efforts in a facility or company fail. Unfortunately, this is very true for maintenance and reliability improvements. The reason is that not “everyone” is committed to the effort. Sustainable reliability requires understanding and dedication from many different groups within an organization. Supply Side, MRO Stores, Engineering, Procurement, Maintenance, Management, Operations, and Training must all understand the strategic value in reliability efforts and cooperate with each other. Otherwise, failure and unsustainability may be guaranteed.

If the answer to the question is that the “Reliability Engineer” and/or “Global Reliability Leader” are the individuals responsible, then your journey may not be complete. Your organization should have training in place to demonstrate the value and create understanding in all of these groups about reliability. Procedures should be in place to ensure that proper reliability best practices are considered in the design, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance. Failure to do so will result in increased life cycle costs of the equipment, reduced capacity, and reduced profits.

Remember that your maintenance department cannot overcome poor equipment design, installation, or operation.

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