Compressed air represents one of the highest utility costs in industrial plants. It’s also one of the most misunderstood; which explains why leaks account for, on average, as much as 35-40% of total demand.

Leaks are often considered an unavoidable cost of business. Many of us simply don’t realize the high cost of compressed air leaks.

Add to that the fact that:

  • Leaks don’t present a visible threat to safety
  • Leaks don’t make a mess on the floor
  • They are invisible
  • We can’t hear them over the other noise in the plant
  • We don’t need permission to open a 1/4” air line and waste thousands of dollars per year

Remove our misconceptions about the high costs of leaks and we create a huge opportunity to save money, increase environmental sustainability, and drove positive culture change.

Download the Leak Surveyors Handbook to learn more.

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, by Allan Rienstra - SDT Ultrasound Solutions